Propios de la Misa – Mass Propers

Antífonas de Entrada / Entrance Antiphons (Spanish)

It is important to me that my Spanish choirs be able to chant the propers of the Mass in Spanish.  However, there are very few resources available for Mass propers in Spanish.  I have been working on setting the various propers to music for them and for all choirs that wish to chant the propers regularly.
The texts for the following entrance antiphons are the exact texts taken from the Spanish Roman Missal and are styled after the Introits in the Anglican Use Gradual.  They are designed to be easy and accessible to even the most novice choirs, regardless of their ability to read music. 
I have grouped the Entrance antiphons by liturgical season to make the choir director’s job easier.

Adviento y Navidad


Tiempo Ordinario

 Lent, Easter, and Feast Days coming soon!!

Antífonas de Comunión / Communion Antiphons (Spanish)

The texts for the following communion antiphons are the same as the Latin chants.  I have simplified them to make them more accessible to novice choirs.  The psalm verses are taken from the Spanish New Jerusalem Bible.  While designed to be sung by novice choirs, they are slightly more challenging than the Introit chants above.

Comédite pínguia

Dicit Dominus


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